Dawson & Mahoney discuss the events unfolding this week. Health Passports, giant cover ups and GMP's.

As suspected, Youtube have now removed us for 14 days, so here’s the Bitchute version. Early week catch up with the boys, and they’re on fire. Exposing some ambitious cover ups by the usual culprits, the introduction of Health Passports and the fall of the UK. With half the adult population now jabbed, and more flocking to the needle, it does appear its fallen to the misconception that medical dictatorship is freedom. How wrong they are.


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  • Wankers have taken your health passport video down already. I only just watched it and was going to forward to my brother in Burma as heโ€™s trying to get out!

  • Watched your “Health Passports and Giant Cover ups” on March 24, 2021, On Charlie Wards website, and David your candid no nonsense delivery on the topics, had me is stitches.
    Thank you, both, for sharing your insight,
    From A California Conservative, that has brandished a lanyard that says: “Can’t Mask Don’t Ask”since two weeks into this BS. can’t mask, did not mask, and will not mask.
    FYI: The PCR tests do have nanodust aka nanobots aka A.I., just as the gene therapy jabs, so you may want too look into that, as well as do more jab research on Salk and the polio vaccine. He used it on his son, and he died. Polio was eradicated because of sanitation upgrades, not because of the jab. All jabs carry with it adverse reactions, and are unavoidably unsafe, and all carry with it the risk of death.

  • I know this is such a serious subject, but you two had me giggling at the name calling of the idiots. It was much needed laughter in these troubling times. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • thanks guys for your honesty and helping everyone
    i do what i can to shear and empower my friends as well.
    Great insporation …. doing really well.. thganks for all your hard work you do.
    rock on …..


  • You are awesome! I just watched you on Charlie Ward! Thanks you so much for all you do, it is so hard to wake people up… so very hard to be surrounded by the sleepers… I will keep plugging along and trying to spread love and light!
    Keep up the great work and I will continue to Bebrave!

  • This is great guys thank you
    Ive got my son and daughter with me here in Spain – and our 5 dogs! – my daughter got out of UK in the nick of time – and we are ready to go to Mexico at a moments notice, so we will be following you closely…
    Superb work – thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just to say Ive been granted access to your dashboard- which you DON’T want… might want to get tech to have a look at that! Dont want people messing about uninvited in your back end – !

  • Just to say Ive been banned twice from FB now – both times from sharing vaxine related stories- so many young people were following me – Im desperately trying to get them to wake up to what’s going on – and of course they are all curious to know the truth, but often don’t have access to it… hopefully enough of them have seen it now and will pass it on .. got to look after and support our youth!

  • I’m in Pennsylvania, I have an ex friend in prison state system, he calls today, to warn me what I’ve warned him all along, (drugs use is his crime, non violent person), anyhoo, his shot was scheduled for tmrw, only to see yesterday they stopped the astraventaca vax, due to 1600 inmates down out of appx 2300, from minor side effects to severe infermatry overload, memo to all state system and inmate of the dangers and how it’s experimental, I told him, this is going to bring in the moderna, don’t take it, it’s worst, crazy, governors are getting there bids in thru the prison system, they have no means to alt news..

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