Yep, she did. C for Carrot, C for Confinement & C for Coersion!

Do we really have to say anything here? Sadly, probably. People will just say, ah it’s only one person or it’s just a Freudian slip. However, brainwashing aside, it really is all there for you in black and white. Dangling a carrot for you little freedom bunnies to bite on and roll your sleeves up. A terrifying vaccination strategy as confinement/coersion policy pours out of her mouth, and she just can’t seem to put the brakes on. Bless her.

Thanks to the Charlie Kirk Channel.


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  • Its like when Matt Hancock in parliament said “covid lie….. uh hummm virus!” It went virtually unnoticed when i tell people who believe it all they just laugh. I am not sure what world i am living in at the mo. I am the only one not wearing a mask where i live, amongst hundreds of masks

    • It’s worrying we know, but trust us you will meet like minded folk on here… and there’s more and more people every day waking up to the nonsense. Try this video (link below) to show to people. For me there’s not much arguing with this guy – and it has been completely deleted from social media which is another testament to its honesty šŸ™‚ We also have a ‘Wake up Weekend’ section on our Video page – good vids for showing to people you care about… gently does it.

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