Fire Service go door to door to pressure the unvaccinated

How do they know who hasn’t had the jab? The NHS has handed over a list of names and addresses.

Yes, the NHS – via local GPs – has handed over a list of names and addresses of those who haven’t yet take up “the offer” of having the jab.

Does that remind of anything? Perhaps something you’ve read about that happened in World War 2? (Think informants, collaborators, Jews and a word beginning with N.)

I don’t know about you, but I thought our medical information was confidential. And once I’ve penned this, I will be off to research Protecting patient data – as should you.

Don’t believe the UK Government are now using the fire service to go door-to-door UNINVITED under the guise of their Safe & Well visits programme?

Take a listen to this report on BBC Radio 5 Live which, of course, dear old Auntie Beeb makes seem all perfectly normal… 

And if they do come a-knocking, at least get a free smoke alarm out of them before telling them to fuck off.

Pip Fuchs


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  • Well talk about moonlighting. How long would it actually take to put a fire out with a 1 ml syringe.
    Your person and medical data should not be shared unless you are at risk and then only on a need to know basis. A safeguarding issue for example. No doubt the COVID laws have been adapted to show that your information can be shared with the boys and girls in brown and a sort of sludgy yellow. Disgusting. Why aren’t people standing and fighting, amazing what you can do when football is involved.

  • Great stuff guys, Australia Queensland here. Brisbane is making the Covid App Mandatory. Not for me, suddenly I have no mobile and I will be giving a fake name and address. We can no longer self isolate and no hotels provided. So if you use your brain that means we will be put into FEMA CAMPS. These Satanic Free Masons are coming for our children. Any advice would be appreciated, I have two sons and two Grandchildren. Nanny is very worried.

    • Ok calm down , that is not going to happen
      Pray diligently daily , it will be ok
      Put in God’s hands !!!

  • As a volunteer trained firefighter, I find this offensive and against the durastiction of their operational charter. As it is the authority s of power are getting drunk on the power trips one disaster to the next, therefore using up the good will and respect of both population and serving members. I will not be vax d but they are trying to force us, that be it I will stay home you loose society , the skills of this specialist firefighter of 15yrs service

    • Exactly. Its almost like they are trying to turn the public against the police, fire service and NHS staff on all levels by getting them to do their dirty work for them

  • This is insane. Firefighters showing up at your door to try and get you to take the “vaccine?” What’s next? Roving bands of the vaccinated walking dead rushing you every time you leave your house, shouting “Save mankind!! Get the vaccine!!” I live in the States and if this starts happening here things are going to get very ugly very quickly. Good lord…

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