Lawyer Sergio Cebolla is fighting all legal corners in Spain regarding PCR tests, masks, info terrorism and jab coersion.

After Youtube deleting this factual video, and our whole channel, we’ve re uploaded it to Bitchute. Sergio’s Home page can be reached from the link Below, help support this brave man by donating to his cause.


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  • Hi Dave and Sergio,
    Thanks for the info, it confirms what I actually carry around with me when walking here in Spain.
    I carry an A4 size sheet with the Mask no obligation rules from the La Moncloa. Mateo Sanador web site.(in Spanish on one side English on the other) Also have both of your Police and shop docs that can be signed.
    Plus a inhaler similar to Lee’s and Dr Charlie’s hahahahaha.
    I hate bullies with a passion, hence the documented cover whilst walking!!
    Thanks for all your videos, keep the brilliant work up.
    Roy, a scouser living north of you all

  • God I wish I had a hundred plastic cards that said,,yeah go on run that’s all your good for ,a man is telling you 11 pound a month truth from good sources to save your life and your families but you want to run ,3 today ,why oh why will people not listen ,I put the 12 yr getting vaxed off the pharmacy man but got slagged off for comments works out he hadn’t watched the vidio ,what is it with these yeah rimtards ,wait till October when they start dropping ,
    Well lads I’ve been here since Gregg watched them all sang like a canary ,lost friends n family but gained 13 million mates at least I’ll live more old motor bikes for me …..sod em now ,live your end Carlisle opp Newcastle ,,,cheers

  • Yes, this is valuable, but you are trying to bolt the stable door after the horse has absconded.
    ALL Articles of the Nuremberg Code have to be invoked addressed immediately, and the jointly and severally guilty of conspiring for profit, reward, suppressing data and info , tried for Crimes Against Humanity. NOW!

    They have used ‘gain of function’ to develop and to weaponise and to deploy bio-warfare agents among the populace. (Via Covid-19g2 ‘vaccines’.
    They have further weaponised citizens as ‘viral vectors’ to spread this bio-weapon.

    All governments world-wide have deliberately conspired to suppress info, deploy viral materials, restrict liberties, perform medical ‘triage’ etc. and all have caused the death of persons within each country, who can be named.

  • Thank you so much for ur time. I heard that now to Travel to Spain you don’t need a PCR test… is that true? I am traveling from Paris. The info on the internet is so mis leading and contradictory… have u any confirmation? I would like to head back home to Ibiza on 1 August.

    Hope to hear back soon.

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