It almost certainly would be if the MSM reported it truthfully.

Another masterful media play from Fauci and all his corroborators who somehow twisted this find of highly incriminating emails to a mere tiny blip in the whole Plandemic narrative. Okay, his book has been held from print, but that’s a minor slap round the double mask in comparison to what should be happening now. 

The Reality

In the ‘non’ MSM world of pantomime (in other words reality) the find is nothing short of proof of knowledge of financial link to the Wuhan Lab, proof of funding for Gain of Function Coronoa Virus experimentation in Wuhan, proof that masks do not work, proof that HCQ works against corona virus’s, proof of regular contact with (‘Dr’) Bill Gates, proof of Zukerberg/Facebook involvement and strong suggestions of concern about Wuhan lab leaks among many other misdemeanours, redacted or not!


So in other words – Fauci having sworn under oath that many of the above were not true – it’s proof of Perjury! You and I would be in custody by now, but Saint Fauci is above the law… for the moment.

Time is Ticking

Main Stream will never pick this up. Why? Because they are in it up to their corrupted necks, and a real investigation would certainly be the beginning of the end for the Plandemic narrative once and for all.

But it’s coming folks, rest assured. 

Thanks To Fox News & Tucker Carlson

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  • Absolutely love listening to you guys. Don’t ever “tone it down” so as not to offend the sensitive ones. Too many people need a swift kick in the ass to help them WAKE THE EFF UP! I live in Alberta and unfortunately have Justin Turdo as Prime Minister. Your show brightens my day. Thank You!

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