Dawson & Mahoney discuss the infamous WEF and the effect these tyrannical 1%ers have on governments and us humans. Israeli premier considers micro chipping kids and an ex Prime Minister decides who lives and who dies.


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  • The medical power to remove you ,has been passed in Ireland,also the health minister has been given power s to make laws ,without having to go to parliament ,all of these are against the Irish constitutional but our law system is totally corrupt unfortunately
    And many Irish people seem to have no problem to consent and take the gene therapy

  • Happy Birthday Dave!! You Guys Are Doing Great Work For The Entire World!! 1000% We All Have Have To Get Off Are Asses And Fight Back Against The Fn Evil Globalists!! Take Care Guys!!

  • You two are fucking brilliant, a massive thank you for getting the truth out there
    , what I like about you is your totally fearless and the truth is your only goal, God bless you both and keep up the good fight, you are appreciated.

  • I will be honest, yours are the only videos that I wish would last longer, you 2 are brilliant, it’s great when you find people like yourselves that can explain the truth in a clear and comprehensive way, I followed you both on your own but together your just invincible, I wish everybody was as direct as yourselves, the world would be a better place, I know some people may give you negative comments but they are just wankers that are so brain washed they will believe any old bullshit, you 2 stand for the truth and I’m with you all the way, a massive thank you, God bless you both, oh nearly forgot, happy birthday Dave.

  • Happy Birthday Dave!
    I’m watching you guys from Sweden and we shure need to push back against our horrible guvernment over here!
    Thank you for all that you do!


  • Happy birthday, Dave. You guys are doing an awesome job. Look forward to listening you guys. Lee you’re funny as fuck.

  • Happy birthday Mahoney! You’re looking pretty damn good for 50.

    Where’s all the guys? The war on men has been going on for years. So-called “toxic masculinity”, which is a bullshit term that derides men for being manly, has been in the liberal crosshairs for a long time now. Why? Because strong men would never have stood quietly by and allowed the cabal to throw our world into the shitter over the past year and a half.
    Boys have been trained to be quiet and compliant, and men have been attacked and shamed for being bold in their convictions, and for the most part they have simply gone along to get along. We NEED more men like the two of you. Never let yourself be silenced!
    Thanks for all the work you do in getting the truth out.

  • Trump is deepstate , is on Epstein flight logs , pushing poison jabs , Q is a psyop ,
    Georgia guidstones are spot on ! Pray to Jesus

  • Highlight of the day, you guys nail it every time. It’s like watching a George Carlin comedy show!
    Why was he so funny? He simply told the truth. I can’t believe we live in a world where 10 year olds have more common sense than most adults!

    Looking forward to attending my first London protest in a few weeks, to feel the vibe and connect with my conscious brothers & sisters.
    Love y’all. 🙂

  • Fuck!
    Am I the only one who remembers that a few years ago, some computer hacker got into some top scientists email accounts here in the US, and uncovered emails back and fourth between these “scientists” that they needed to keep the false narrative about global warming going, so they could keep receiving the funding!?!?

  • I love you guys!!! Thank you for fighting because we are with you 100%!!! I look forward to your videos and great insight on the truth. It’s so frustrating but eye opening to the bullshit retards out there that are being so easily manipulated. It’s sickening… I’ve removed myself from being around these idiots! Happy Birthday Dave!!!

  • —-so The World Economic Forum think the are going to rule the world? I wonder what China thinks of that?

  • Happy Birthday David!
    I really enjoy watching you two! Not only are you informative but very entertaining as well! Keep up the great work! I look forward to watching your next segment.
    Joyce Daniels from Kathleen, Georgiaom

  • You should release that video clip of Klaus Schwarb at the beginning, brilliant work and exactly the image I have when I see the bastard talk.

  • You mentioned the magnets at the end there. I joked to my sister on Monday so she tried it. It stuck to both her arms and the same fridge magnet did not stick to me. She is vaccinated.

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