Eu Green Pass must be Debated.

An Appeal from Henna Maria
Green Pass Requires Debate, Not Emergency Adoption, COM 2021 130

Of course, the only way to implement many of the draconian measures needed to achieve the NWO is to simply sneak them through. Activist Henna Maria is always on the ball however, she’s been on top of the Galician administration with their hideous Auschwitz law since the very beginning, and way before any Galician citizens even knew they even had a new dictatorial health law.

This time she’s uncovered another big one. The European council had an emergency meeting yesterday to call for a vote implementing an EU Green Health Card. Basically, the card would render anyone who’s unvaccinated a second rate EU citizen. Yep, and each EU Government would be able to take the limits of those restrictions into their own hands. Do you trust that? Do you like travel? Do you want to be able to shop in supermarkets?

This sickening development will be voted on today, completely under the radar and not reported on at all by the MSM… of course. So, welcome to the China Project, your New World Order is here and flourishing. This is of course completely undemocratic, unaired and illegal… yet somehow its going on right under our noses.

What can you do?

Henna Maria has a petition, a letter to sign and forward to your EU representative. It’s an appeal to stop the voting going the wrong way, to stop the madness of Medical Apartheid and get back to some kind of reality. This Pandemic fantasy is now dragging on, obviously the elite are getting desperate and every decision is being rushed through. We have to stand up to this and increase the panic, to force mistakes and hope that more and more eminent figures come through and start blowing the plandemic whistle.

Please sign the petition and send.

Dave Techy

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