A stern warning to the uniforms who are protecting this insanity. Plus more MSM lies and deception.

Special thanks to Adi Jackson for the London Protest footage!


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  • Keep up the great, I say great work!!!!!!

    I am proud to say I am wearing my cheap ass mask on my chin. For those that ask, I tell them it is a chin strap for the hemet that i lost but not my brain. It also reminds me to not scream at the ignorance of the human race.

    I am surprised at all the thumbs up and after shopping in a hardware store was surprised at some of those wearing a mask on face pulled them down to their chin.

    My way of protesting and getting attention of others.

    again keep up the good work

  • The two of you are such a breath of fresh air so glad I found you. I’m sending you to all my friends that think I’m crazy. Thanks for doing what you do. I’ll be watching.

  • Yep, we the people are coming for the traitors in uniforms and media and Government and all those little sh*tholes they might be hiding in.

  • Great info,guys. Thank you. Apropos UK look at latest distraction….Bashing Martin Bashir for the BBC interview in 1995 with Princess Di. And then they have Prince William bashing Bashir for what BBC, but mostly Bashir did to his mother. With lies and manipulation. URGH!
    All very heartfelt, and bound to increase the hypnosis of the masses. When you see how this corrupt system operates, and you still stay with eyes wide shut, well what can one say? Pile of ostriches, who just love DISTRACTION ,eh?

  • I’m going to be 70 in August if I make it (had 1 jab Astra Zeneca) only. Not having 2nd at all, please keep up the great work all your thoughts and actions are same as mine. I’ve not been the same health wise since the jab, I am fighting to change my whole life (what’s left that is) to get this filth out of my/our body, there are many natural ways and for those that have the jabs don’t loose heart.. maybe you guys can help us IDIOTS with the many health links that may help, personally I believe there is not enough being done to bring us jabbers back from the reported oblivion ⚰️ Finally RESPECT to Warrior productions Francis

    • My friend has a very good protocol to fully remove the vaxx toxins from your body. When I get it I’ll pass it on to this site & hopefully they’ll post for you (& others) to see.

      If I can find you here I’ll get it directly to you as well.



  • Great work and info guys.
    Always make me smile with your sense of humour even through these intresting times.
    Please keep it up, as the info you provide is brilliant and helps me to help others arm themselves against the fucking pratts!
    Thank you

    Margaret from Northamptonshire UK.

  • Hi Guys.

    The Mrs bought me in a cuppa this morning and turned on the TV. NAGGA MACHETTIBOLLOCKS and Dr were saying how safe it was for pregnant women to take the vaccine.
    The cuppa just missed the TV. ,both chimed together BollocksYes we are both fully awake God bless you guys.Regards Steve.

  • Hi Boy’s
    You are SOOOOO amazing. We have a new word here in Florida Remtards – it’s catching on ! Every time I see these idiots queuing up for their shot I cant help the Tourette’s that has manifested in me at a late age in life and shouting it ! I appreciate what you are doing, your spot on every time and until these morons wake up we have a lot of work to do. I cant believe the people still wearing their masks here even after our fab Governor DeSantis and the CDC said not needed. (well to the Vaxxed) LoL . Lets get some fresh, beautiful air in our lungs so we can keep shouting at the Remtards.
    Love it keep it up !!!

  • I loved the Greek guy at the end. I was in hoots of laughter. Well done guys, and thank you for your great work.

  • Hi guys
    Great job your doing You must keep going We are all behind you Well
    Most of us. Most other people are just like little Lambs doing what they
    Are told. Watching the stupid TV and other Main Stream Bull Shit.
    We might still fight the good fight we will Win.
    God is on our side just keep praying and playing Loud music to keep happy. God bless you all. Lots of Love
    From the U K

  • Episode 8: The Time For Action Is Now.
    Do you know there is NO SOUND???? Also no volume button even!!! I cant lip read so this is useless!!!

    Please also DATE everything as saying this was 4 weeks ago or whatever does not help to know IF you have already listened to something. So annoying when things dont appear in datal order across so many headings. Dont want to miss anything but its getting harder to find things. Just have ONE heading with all videos newest at the top and KEEP them like that dont move them around then we can scroll down to the older ones in datal order and have different titles for each so we can know that we have watched that one. I cant remember which “episode” I watched last and as none of them highlight in a different colour we have no way of knowing IF we have seen something. Charlie Ward had one of yours on his page the other day it stopped after a few mins and said click on the link below to Bitchute THERE WAS NO LINK . Charlie is a SHOCKER he NEVER puts links. He has said this to so many people he has interviewed yet there are NEVER any links and if all you know is the persons first name like Leana ( aka Ricochet Rabbit) that he interviewed a few weeks back then you can not find her as no website link and with no surname cant search for her either. Also could not find you on Bitchure ( no link on the Charlie page that there should have been.) I searched Bitchute under Your names and Digital WArrior Productions etc but found nothing !!! Just saying you are not getting out there cos of this. But keep up the good work guys. Any news of Greg Hallett? I miss him made me laugh plus everything he s aid about New Zealand ( where I live) was right !!

    • Hi Sandi, Episode 8 does have sound. Please check locally your end for a sound issue. There’s only 3 of us right now so we all have to be patient with requests. We do intend to date the vids very soon.

  • I’m putting many videos on my Facebook page and my friends are still getting the jab including many family members , my son 15 and I are laughing at the idiots wearing masks ! I wanna grab the pharmacist at Walmart giving this junk to people over the counter and beat him senseless , god bless!

  • Brightest Blessings from Ontario Canada Sunday morning here now and I just watched episode 8! You have me laughing and angry All at the same time! Your Truth is Very Real and you definitely know how to get the adrenaline flowing! It is very Fucking Scary here in Canada! It’s Nuts! I keep remembering what Charlie Ward often says, ” it’s pantomime,” and I pray for the day very soon when People finally wake up, and We The People, take our countries back and these Evil and Vile Creatures are sent to the darkness for eternity! Thanks So Much For Sharing Your Passionate Patriotism! We Are All One and the Reckoning of Treason and Crimes Against Humanity for Them All can’t come fast enough! Cheers! Enjoy your beers!

  • Like the shows guys , plenty from doctors etc getting the word out.
    I have been passing on info from many people over for the past year , CW , SP , MK , DNR , RDS and many more, these have got me many bans on Farcebook and Twitter ( currently on a 7 day ) but it is still very taxing trying to educate those that are clearly in a coma.
    Hundreds of doctors are saying this virus has never been isolated and when i pass this on they still think Bert down the pub told me.
    Four or five hours every day watching and reading everything about the election fraud , virus and the jabs and these fucking idiots quote me back from the BBC or other media outlets , We fight on hoping one or two here and there wake up.

  • LOVE you both! Am 68. I hated communism never thought would live to see similar in western countries. Sadly people in the west seem to be so naive. Wish you were both my sons. Would be so very proud of you both. And would be cooking you lots of big meals!!!Pray for you every day. Please never give up. LOVE the swearing!!!!

  • Love you work guys, thanks for fighting for us. The information is generally accurate, but not always. Case and point:
    What happened to Joseph Gregory Hallett?
    That went quiet really fast, as anticipated. Disinformation perhaps?

    All will be forgiven.

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