Doctors Testify Before Texas State Senate to Oppose Mandatory COVID Shots. This is life & death medical info, so why isn't it in the Main Stream Media?


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  • Give the camera guy a microphone so we can hear him clearly! He sounds like he’s got good stuff to say.

    • Hi, yes I agree with you they are a dynamic trio , I look forward to the next video . Please please make them a little longer . Love you all

  • Thank you! Your information gave me such confidence that I was able to hold my own against my nurse sister in law who thinks she’s an expert in everything (she is very clever). When she hinted I was a conspiracy theorist, I used what I’ve learnt from you and owned her! I’ve found that some people need only a fact that doesn’t fit the narrative to make them think. Other’s need humiliation. You’ve given me equipment for both. Now to learn the low kick…. Cheers from Victoria Australia

  • Thank you guys for this news feed, really enjoy watching your show its always informative and entertaining because you give us the information to be proactive and to fight back against the tyranny. Thank goodness for Texas.
    When is Lee going to be reporting from his van?

  • I am Coach here in Texas. You two knuckleheads are to damn funny. But, I am glad that brothers across the pond know your research. I have been telling my babies or my athletes to skip the jab and look for good Vit. D and Vit. C supplements to push through this China flu. But is it funny… Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and now China Flu (C-19) all came from China? Was the Bird or Swine Flu’s Biological weapons as well??? You two knuckleheads let that chew the cud on that and let me know what y’all think and found.


    Coach JJ Stuer

  • Hi, Love your show. I am in Midland, Texas and you got it right, DON”T MESS WITH TEXAS. We are fighting ard (we wise ones lol) to keep the required shot at bay. Not going to take it. They cannot run fast enough to give it to me. Besides they may get a bit of “lead poison” if they try.
    Keep up the good work.

  • I am in USA. You guys are the best! Love you & all the other Patriots across the globe. I want to say thank you for all you do! What happened to the van? LOL
    How can I help the cause? Is there a place where I can contribute? Please respond to me. I am happy to write a check for the cause!



  • Amazing how we are vibing in the same frequency today and from across the globe, because just today (when this video was released), I was talking with my daughter and she mentioned how the shot is dividing people. Her mother in law is pushing the shot on her and her family and she is resisting. I mentioned we are the resistance.
    She also said her friends parents quit talking to her (the daughter) because she is not getting the shot.
    Another interesting thing I saw on Fbook today, my cousin posted a video showing how a magnet stuck to her arm where she got the covid [email protected]#&
    BTW! Thanks for all you are doing. I love your show and have been following you since way back in the Facebook days, lol! Also thanks for mentioning Canada we are a lost country, do we follow a claim for life or common law? Do you know of Russell Jay Gould or shall I say Russell-Jay: Gould? He’s an interesting guy.
    Love the show, your creativity, the truths and of course… You Guys!!!

  • I would like to know the meaning of the insignia on David Mahoney’s shirt? After seeing the 5 hr. video on the free masons, I’m am very curious as to all insignias. Could David Mahoney please advise?

  • Great work, good to know you! Keep the spirit and boxing up! Love from Belgium where it’s pissing down rain!

  • I love you guys!!! Big Fan of Lee for a while now. He tells it like it is. But the duo is fantastic! This is hysterical! Keep up the good work exposing the truth!

  • These people are fucking mental, the ‘facts’ you pair pull out of your arse and the opinions you two are pushing people into believing with fear mongering tactics is disgusting, freedom of speech does not mean you’re right and everyone else is wrong, you both need serious psychotic therapy

  • Now compare those vaccine deaths to the contraception pill related deaths . . . . The blood clot risks are greater and yet everyone is panicking about the vaccine and not what women are pressured to put into their bodies.. . .

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