We feel a big shift in the war, the narrative is failing and We The People are getting organised. As MsM begins to panic, more and more refuse the clotshot and rebel against the insane tyranny that has swept the planet.


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  • Great video. Dave’s impressions are brilliant, especially with the idiot who said she would have the jab again even with the side effects

  • There are over 50 different genders now, including one that is “other”… as if 50+ different kinds aren’t enough.

  • I love watching you two. Very good information and the truth about all this bullshit that is being pounded in the minds of the sheep that are taking the jab and will not except the truth . Patience is “not” my virtue !! All this “bullshit” could hit the fan today and I and “all” the people around the world that know the truth would probably dance in the street to celebrate “all” the the ones that have been taken down and disposed off , give them a dose of the shot, and the second one ,3rd and the booster !! I would buy a ticket to watch it, make it public , sit back and watch the cheers take place, give them what they deserve and been jabbing people with . what’s good for the goose is good for the gander !! Keep going with your truth and videos ,lov it

  • Hi Guys!
    I look forward to your videos each week! I think I need your “bullshit” button. I have some “friends” who will happily bore me with all the reasons why this “jab” aka experimental vaccine is good for you and how it is important for everyone to take it.
    I realize the seriousness of the circumstances that we are in, as I am not a “spring chicken” any more. I remember the Asiatic Flu from the very early 1950’s and just how sick my sister got from it, but no one else in our house got sick!
    Anyway, listening to you is the “high point” of my week. The humor is so necessary and please don’t worry about the cussing. It is endearing and makes the subject matter a bit easier to digest.
    Thanks to both of you. Keep up the good work!
    And if you ever decided to “brave it” and come to the States, I will happily take you guys out drinking.

    • Thanks so much for the message, we’re so happy to hear you’re enjoying the show and that its some use to you as well. We feel fulfilled 🙂 We’ll take you up on the offer when freedom returns!!!!!

  • The only variant is what new direction the lies will take this time. Good ole FAA, and the lies. Keep your job equals, you must get the innoculation. Pilots and all crew included. Surprise it is another corrupted agency! Pilots dying, who are very healthy with every six months physical, until the puppetmasters mandated innoculations. Now they are running out of entire crews. Flights cancelled. Life insurance does not pay out if you have taken the experimental innoculation. Your video stopped. Thank you David & Lee!! WWG1WGA

  • the taliban said out by september 11th ,look at number on grey plane number on front side ……1109…. ,love your shows

  • You guys crack me up , the world needs more laughter especially through these extremely tough times . Love the work your doing helping to expose the truths and I look forward to each episode.

  • Lee,, David please watch the plane video again look at the painted on windows of the c17 compare it to a real one on Google . look at the guy on the side of the plane casually using his phone do you think that plane is real they all look a bit to relaxed to be trying to flee their country.

  • Thank you so much for everything you are doing watched you from the start with Joseph Gregory Hallett , your show is brilliant, l love your honesty and how down to earth you both are . I try to stick up for myself all the time , l have been banned from one channel, just for being honest about the disgusting creatures and what they have been doing to our beautiful children.l wrote l hope they all go to hell .? Some disgusting creature sent a picture with excrement shooting out of his backside and eating it. Disgusting. So l replied l hope you go to hell and have a pineapple shoved up your arse every six minutes. I had a reply asking where l had seen this information about injecting young children and forcing them to take the jab ,? So l replied and told them the site , l had a few good replies straight away with support about the jab and about waking people up which was great . Then a couple of minutes later l got banned . Does this seem right . I can’t wait for all this BS to come out and for all these evil swamp creatures to be arrested. God bless you both your doing an amazing job .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hope you guys are back soon with another one of your exceptionally refreshing and inspiring episodes. Dave, if it’s a problem with too many shakes from the moonshine and an inability to keep the camera steady, I discovered a wonderful trick to fix it. A couple of drops of the finest brandy on the tongue first thing as you get to work in the morning. It nails the shakes and cravings buying you much needed recovery time before the next session. And if you need a new liver. No problem, just get on the intravenous alpha lipoic acid, takes a month, but jobs a good one. Cheers

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