Dawson & Mahoney with advice on how to handle the kids returning to school, a touch of Sleepy Creepy Joe and Hunter, and as if it wasn't tricky enough, dating becomes much more tricky.


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  • Why not asking why they want to see your papers ? They want you to identify as a person, not as a human. Rules are only for persons, not for living men and women. They only have contracts w persons who they can suck dry. Your papers show them you are in contract w their boss, The person only exists as a paper, the paper is the person

  • What they really say is “show me your copy of your contract w me/my government so I can suck you dry or get another contact w you”

  • love the crack dance by Lee and Dave,( hahaha) Byeden was nothing more than a senator when video was done,,,little by little the medical community and law enforcement are picking sides on behalf of the people in the USA.

  • Hey guys!! I’m loving your weekly show! Especially the part where I’m learning new and hilarious words like “Rimtard”! I’m a somewhat potty mouthed grandma who is vehemently against the jab, and have trained my kids to think and observe for themselves. I’m a rabbit hole deep diver and I appreciate and enjoy your content! My only complaint is you’re only on once a week! Gramma needs eye candy more often than that and you two fill that requirement! Keep on doing what you’re doing and waking up the sleepers!! You are appreciated!!
    Northern Utah, USA

  • The kids reaction to the jab in Spain, same thing happened in Portugal. More than 20 kids. They said it was probably due to a lot problem, and removed it.

  • Hi Lee and Dave,

    Just watched episode 24, another great show thanks.

    In reply to your request for a bit of humour, take a look at ‘The New World Order Shampoo’

    You will be slapped and you’ll like it.

    See link below.

    Cheers from Mike Collins in Sunny Salford (and it’s NOT fucking Manchester) we were a city before the cotton arrived.


  • I laughed so hard about that “No Farting” in public. We call it Fanny Bubbles in our house… could you imagine how much of the virus that you could get from Fanny Bubbles? Hahahaha!!
    Have you heard about the big “ Outbreak” in Provincetown on Cape Cod? I live on the Cape, and 74% of those “ infected “ are jabbed… but they continue to tell us that it’s us, “ the unvaccinated “ that is the cause of it all. So freaking ridiculous!! Also, Biden has basically said that if the CDC recommends it, we will be locked down again. I feel it in my gut, that it’s going to happen. In about a couple weeks. Right when school is supposed to start. They are definitely trying to distract us from something else. The vote audits perhaps?? We shall see how it all unfolds.
    I love you guys!! I am single as well, and I totally agree with that guy!! I wouldn’t want to be with anyone who doesn’t share my views…. So to speak

  • Remember been a young boy i use to suffer cole sores the size of my fucking face and telling my mother I didn’t want to go to school, her reply was your fucking going it only took two kids to tease me and then it was game on ,I don’t think those kids were ever the same, a few blackeyes and blood noses never got tease again ..

  • Its simple Mate Im 68 years and single by choice now ! And believe it or not the there is sex after 50 Y.O. !!!!!! I just carry a simple little refrigerator maginet ! I ask the question about getting the jab and the almost always I get ” Oh Im safe Ive had both my shots ” Usually at that point I exit stage right or left which every is fastest or if I feeling really brave I say then you wont mind proving it with this simple little maginet by placing it on the spot you got your jag at ! When it sticks I tell them they are full of heavy metals. They should recearch what that means — wish them well and get the fu-k out of Dodge……

  • Hi guys, I love your work, but could you PLEASE put a high-pass filter on your audio, or at least on your mics ? We really don’t need to hear anything below 100 Hz.
    It’s most disturbing when you blow into the mics, or thump on the table. I get an earthquake in my sound system.

  • Hey guys, Katherine Allen here, from Virginia Beach Virginia in the US. I love the comedic way you always bring the news, the out loud laughs you give me are ALWAYS greatly appreciated.

    I went to get some Frontline defense supplements, but it appears you may be sold out, so I scrolled through your other products and was absolutely shocked to see hair growth supplements! How can you in good conscience offer these?!? Lee is BALD for Christ’s sake! Poor form! makes it hard to trust your other vitamins!

    Only kidding! Keep up your great work, the 3 of you are appreciated and loved.

    God loves you!

  • Hi, first i would like to congratulate you for your courage and for your show. I’m Portuguese living in Spain and it’s mind blowing how gullible the people are here, how they let themselves believe in every crap they tell them. I have a 20 year old coworker that told me he doesn’t want to get the vaccine but their parents told him if not, they will throw him out of the house, it’s unbelievable.
    I’ve been searching for the Sevilla case you where talking about, and guess what, it’s nowhere in media or internet. Keep up the good work. Saludos cordiales

  • Hi gents have you heard of this Gillick test it’s concerning

    Assessment of Gillick competence requires an
    examination of how the child deals with the process of making a decision based on an analysis of the child’s ability to understand and assess risks. It is a high test of competence that is more difficult to satisfy the more complex the treatment and its outcomes become.

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