Dawson & Mahoney are back with some dynamite exposures from around the planet. As governments dive deeper into tyranny the people push back and the mainstream media keep up the facade of nonsense.


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  • Hey Guys
    Thanks for all the truth you both are sharing and keep it up for our children’s sake…
    A bit more about reality is always better so contact Kimberly Gogeun and get the real picture with Life Force of United Network .., she is the real deal!

  • Dave,
    Gay Klaus Shwab, BRILLIANT. You remind me of another talented voice actor Peter Sellers. Klaus my favorite so far. South Africa and Cuba in particular dying, to hopefully be reborn from the ruins I wish both Country’s well.

  • A smorgasbord of f bombs and a healthy dose of hard hitting truth. You guys are inspirational.

  • Hi there! I am SO happy to have discovered the two of you! Real men…who stand up to tyranny and don’t wear a stupid mask! Thank you for all you do❤️ I am fighting, but here in Sacramento…I feel like the only one… I fear I will forever be single as everyone has gotten the jab and they cannot believe that I haven’t‍♀️ Anyway, I always look forward to watching you…you help us stay strong✨

  • Hey Guys,

    I know it’s alot mentally & physically for all you guys. I know it is for me finding,looking reading watching info everyday. So you 3 must really be tired out. I for one have watched you guys for along time since the 1st time i saw you on Charlie Ward then i followed you over here to Digital Warriors where i check the webpage out every other day or so. I just really appreciate all the hard work you guys put in to getting this all done and out to US all,all around the whole world. For me personally I Love watching you guys,because it’s like watching some of my best friends from over the years,and it makes me feel good and at a little more ease,even tho things are in a pretty shitty way about now. But Keep up the Great work for all Mankind,I’m with you 1000% and trying to spread the word. Take care guys. Steve C. Phoenix Arizona.. Maricopa County…USA

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