The Long awaited 20. Our apologies but we had to move studios... and no we're not ever charging for this service. We do have a new optional insiders service coming up for live chats with the boys, but these videos and the website remain free.


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  • Possible toxicity mechanisms of GFNs

    Physical destruction. Graphene is a unique nanomaterial compared with other spherical or one-dimensional nanoparticles…
    Mitochondrial damage. Mitochondria are energy production centres involved in various signalling pathways in cells and…
    Inflammatory response. GFNs can cause a significant inflammatory response including inflammatory cell infiltration,…
    Necrosis. Necrosis is an alternate form of cell death induced by inflammatory responses or cellular injury. The exposure…

  • In automotive terms, a lambda sensor, or O2 sensor, helps regulate emissions by the main ecu adjustments… Lol, “lambda” variant…fuggin douchebag so called medical experts… Thanks Brothers! Great show..

  • Your show of support for each other is abundantly clear in your final clasps of hands. I love it !!
    You both seem to honestly like each other.
    I’m not sure where Vickkers fits in.

  • Thank you for your fantastic broadcasts. Please view video linked below. Dr. David Martin provides evidence that there is no novel Corona virus. He also has evidence from the US patent office that the CDC, in 2003, sought to patent the corona virus and they made sure that they controlled the proprietary rights to the disease, to the virus, and to its detection, and all of the measurement of it for profit.

  • Love you guys!
    I am a 72 year old patriot from Houston Texas.
    Here’s my motto:
    I don’t even give a fuck that I don’t give a fuck!!!!
    Please feel free to use it anytime, free of charge!!!
    David Hill

  • It’s crazy that you got put down for encouraging using some awesome vitamins. Over at one of our biggest warehouse stores called, Costco, they line the Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin C in a row on a shelf to grab. I think they know it’s imporatant but of course, no one on t.v. tells you to take these things to fight the virus.

  • You guys are REAL MEN ! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH

  • Hi beautiful guys,
    I wonder why if it’s 99% graphene, what happened to all the other stuff that was listed before, foetal parts, monkey glands and what not?? Very curious. Could graphene be a solvant of some sort ?
    Also could you talk about the cabal in South Africa please? My kids live there.
    Love from Florence in Geneva

  • Re football.So when another variant appears[really?] then the football masses can be blamed, eh?
    Ooh. president Trump “Is the best really yet to come?

  • You two guys are TERRIFIC! I always look forward to your videos and thank you SO much for getting the truth out there. Your naturalness and wit are beyond refreshing. Lee, I always laugh at your very appropriate cursing – remember, expletives were created for a reason, and they could not be more appropriate than for the ridiculous criminal activity we’re being forced to witness right now. Keep up the great work, guys!

  • Nukes do not work. The spirit world and our star brothers and sisters have removed all the triggers.

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