Dawson & Mahoney go Down Under to expose the corrupt government gang members encircling the Aussie & Kiwi Freedom Fighters.

It’s not all doom & gloom as the UK hits all-time record numbers with the “Unite for Freedom” protest in London. Two million people can’t be wrong! – Don’t miss this this one!

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  • Great to see you both in good humour. What a journey! Wonderful work, thank you.

  • Simply fucking brilliant lads…. Getting addicted to your shows. Can’t wait for the next brilliant production. I’d love to believe the 99% analogy but have to say that around me, family and especially friends, there are so very very many taking the death jab… fucking unbelievable…. Rimtard fantastico…. Like a zombie production. Mayhem. What do you guys think?!

  • I just checked the most recent statistics for Covid in New Zealand. As I looked at the graph for Covid cases, the graph appeared to show that presently there are zero….yes, zero cases. Why in the world is this Prime Minister being such a Hitler?

  • Hey guys. I live in Colorado. I’ve been thinking that the nesara gesara stuff is all about controlling what people do with money, exactly like the reset. It sounds to me like a first step towards a cashless society. The claims of “white hats and black hats doesn’t seem to have any validity. They are wanting us to put a lot of trust in what they say. I don’t know them and have no reason to trust them. I certainly don’t see any corroborating evidence.
    So, the only one we can trust is God. I live in an area that has too few real Patriots and it’s discouraging. So I am trusting God to turn this nonsense around. I just wish that there was some opportunity to make a difference where I am.

    Signed surrounded by rimtards, Dave.

  • Sent this video to Wendy Wilson @WendyfWilson who is well awake and thinks like us
    Andrew, I couldn’t listen to these goons. Talking hearsay not truth.
    My sister & husband went to Wellington, NZ early last month. Life is normal over there. Liberal voters don’t like Jacinta Adhern as she is more Communist than Labour but she won a greater majority in the last election. We visit NZ regularly and it is very much like Oz but they do things differently.

    Almost more Kiwis live in Oz than in NZ. They hate that we won’t allow them citizenship immediately to get our benefits. They also hate that we return their criminals to them. They rely on us for military security and aid when they have earthquakes.

    The AU-NZ travel bubble is paused for the moment while we deal with cases. They can still come here without quarantine. As soon as all lockdowns are clear the bubble will reopen in both directions.

  • I really love you both ! Thanks for the communicative laughter Dave and your voice is even sexier now !

  • I’ve got relatives in the U.K. and I live with my family in the Communist state of Washington in the USSA, so we’re all suffering this scamdemic in the worst places. I work in a place where “unvaxxed” people still have to wear masks. It is such a farce. Anywhere you go in the state, people are gathering like they always did with no masks in public and not one proprietor asks if you took the jab. No one cares but the CCP operatives that all get into office each year with a fully mail-in ballot election. I am so grateful for folks like you and the rest of the alt-social media keeping us informed. If I didn’t have that assurance each day to keep me calm, I swear I would be putting foot to ass on every sheeple I talk to! The good news is that about half our state is vaxxed up, so there will be plenty of room here in a few years which should improve my hunting and fishing experiences. Thanks for all you do and, oh yes, what would a fan letter be if I didn’t say something like, “IHAVE HAD ENOUGH AND LET’S GET FUCKING ON WITH IT!

    Owe you both a shot and a beer – Keep on

  • Here in New Zealand, 99% of the population is completely brainwashed by mainstream media and the government. That’s why kiwis aren’t protesting. Plus most the time, life on a day to day basis is pretty normal – we have no covid restrictions. So most people can’t see the problem and just want to get on with their lives. There was great excitement here when a massive shipment of the jab arrived. People can’t wait to get it.

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