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Dawson & Mahoney find a distinctly unique set-up for the Euro 2021 competition that matches nicely with some leaked government documents. The FDA admit there’s heart issues with the jabs, there’s another one of those suspect suicides (this time John McAfee sadly) and staycations in the UK take on a whole new meaning.


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  • The plan is not actually genius. It is just the action of pure narcissism. Anyone who is familiar with the narcissistic aspect (action rooted in self interest) of human nature can see how this plan makes sense and how it may have a really good chance of succeeding. The absolute nemesis of narcissism is authenticity – the other aspect of human nature in a dualistic experience that is thankfully in a process of transforming. The contrast is what shows what is actually true about who we are and that is what allows the emergence of new ways of being, doing and having in the human experience. We are clearly at a point of seeing and it is a choice for each and every one of us to make as to which aspect we choose to engage and express. No matter what anyone or everyone else is doing. We do that by acting together and keeping each other real and standing strong in authentic action which is always doing what works to actually preserve life – whatsoever that may look like.

  • Also, thank you so much for the intelligent and insightful information. I was also wondering about the Delta name and realised that it has incredibly strong military association in the current human consciousness. Look at all the military movies and games with Delta in them. Put the two things together and a shocking intention appears clearly if you know anything at all about the power of the word, and the resonance of words, to create human experience. They have studied these things for a very long time whilst we were toddling around being entertained. As Roger Waters says in Amused to Death “Give any one species too much rope, and they’ll fuck it up” Dr Zach Bush is a great example of authenticity and the contrast is super powerful.

  • It is of no surprise and little interest what these creatures like Hancock get up to in the so called corridor’s of power. When that very same person is responsible for more deaths, more suicides, and more misery than you could ever imagine, a bit of fluff on the side does not come as any surprise to me one bit.
    These individuals haven’t one ounce of humanity in them, they have no morals, and no integrity, they are the lowest life forms on planet Earth.
    I hope and pray all these individuals get their just desserts in the coming months, it can’t come soon enough. Steve.

  • I have sent your letter (edited of course) to my local doctor’s surgery, the first one when you first put it on your site – no reply, the second one a month ago-still no reply, my third one has been sent to the NHS in reply to another letter they sent me trying to get me to take the “jab” – not holding my breath!! I will never take this Genetic nightmare, never worn a mask and switched the TV off last year!!

  • Hi guys I like your no bullshit approach in your videos can you cover the topic that the NHS in the UK plan to sell your medical records, its been pushed back until September and is this approach going to be rolled out worldwide and why ? Thankyou

  • Thank you once again Lee and Dave
    Great information here in the USA I live in a democratic state Connecticut on the East Coast
    We are not locked down in fact I never stopped working ,just last night caught a baseball game and it was sold out , people have been talking alot about
    Shedding apparently if you are near vaccinated assholes the spike protein is airborne and you can catch this shit from them IDK if you guys heard about this I pray it’s not true , furthermore if millions of people die we are kinda fucked because
    Society will collapse no doubt !
    Please ck out grumpybear on YouTube
    She is exposed all the reptillian humanoids celebrities it’s facinating ! God bless !!!

  • Hey mates, the whiskey is for fun, if you want to cure the cold of flu, invermectincin is the answer. Kills all viruses and biological bs. Stay safe, keep up the good work and post the message I put out on DeSantis. John from Texas. Another thing, at least here in the US we didn’t let the gummint take away our weapons. Not like Australia or the UK poor bastards didn’t learn anything from Hitler.

  • Hi guys love what you’re doing. In closing this episode ‘Its just…. would be great to make this a mini video for sharing as it condenses exactly what we’ve been listening to and going along with for the last 15 months and counting…just a idea πŸ™‚

  • Thanks guys for making us smile in these shit-eating times. you’re all awesome. Love & Light to you and yours

  • Hello David & your show..just a thought..when all of these dumb asses who were injected with this poison, start dying off ..what is going to happen to all of the orphaned children left behind?.. your thoughts on the matter? Keep up the good fight!

  • Hey guys βœ‹ much love from NJ where we too enjoy using profanities to get our points across I love your show DONT change a thing ! I have a habit of finding GoOD in even the WORST situations & although we are ALL in a living HELL right now I am THANKFUL to have found SO MANY like minded BRAVE people such as yourselves ❀️ Never In my 48 years have I felt so connected to my brothers / sisters around the GLOBE… it’s a BEAUTIFUL & quite humbling experience God bless the TRUTH tellers…

  • Omg what is the name of that tune you play at the end!!! Please send it to me Mahoney!!! Absolute legends love what you are doing!!!

  • The last segment of this video is brilliant & SO POWERFUL. if you section this off and make it al shareable independent link, I’m willing to bet it could go viral if we could share it. πŸ™‚

    Starting at 38:25 seconds….

Dave Techy

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