Dawson & Mahoney look back at vax propaganda from yesteryear, sideways at todays toxin mandates and forward to what could happen to young people if they don't start listening.

There’s more cries from the sky as other airlines start listing murdered pilots and the subsequent warnings for the double jabbed – who can easily clot at altitude.

Thanks to Banned Video, OAN, Alicia Benitez and the incredible Mark Sexton.

Mark Sexton Video here:


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  • Hi Guys great show as usual, you mention about Mark Sexton, at the moment the police haven’t issued crime numbers.
    As a P.S is there any news from Sergio the Spanish lawyer that you interviewed a few weeks ago?

  • Lee and Dave , I always wanted to go to Australia
    I only watch your videos for the most part , I can’t stand Charlie Ward or Especially Prymeminister that fkr is vile slurping into the microphone , I got into with him on a live chat asking him why Trump is pushing the jab? He told me to sit the fuck down that’s his thing , so I said fuck you gorilla mtfkr of course I was blocked , so much for free speech !

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!! You guys!! My name is Karleen and I live in Inverness FL. Believe me when I say that there are way more folks awake than you know! And we will not go down quietly!! Love you and keep up the amazing work you two are doing!!

  • My name is Karleen and I live in Inverness FL. Believe me when I say that there are way more folks awake than you know! And we will not go down quietly!! Love you guys and keep up the amazing work you two are doing!!

  • Hey Guys! Riley here from Saskatchewan Canada.
    Love your show! Makes me laugh every time keep fighting the good fight and getting the message across. COMMUNIST Canada doesnt have much time left. People are very asleep hear!

  • Please get some aircon, you guys. You will operate better with some circulating oxygen, ha ha.

  • Love your show!! Humor is right up my alley and we need to laugh in spite of it all…but terrified for the uninformed!

  • Foot ball and most team sports were actually created when laborers were given a day off in the 1800’s, and sports were supposed to keep them from getting to trouble since they would now have spare time for the first time and have time to rest, giving them energy to spare.

  • My neighbor got jab. Blood clots in intestines. Went in for surgery his heart stopped. Now he’s getting a pacemaker.

  • OK Boyos, it time for you to Wake Up! I have just perused your shop’s products. Although they are great, they are aimed at young people. Do you really think it’s only the youngsters that like and follow your videos? If so, I am here to tell you differently. I am a young at heart Brit of 76 years of age, who has lived in the Chicago suburbs of the U.S. for 40 years, and believe me, the oldies know what is going on here and in the world. I bet I could even out match you in target shooting, Trap shooting, Sporting Clays and target shooting. Believe me, I am Awake and not past it! LOL

  • Talking about body disposal, well a few individual States have solved the problem…they will dissolve the bodies into a sludge and sell it for fertilizer and they passed this as a WET CREMATION. What comes to mind is the song Yankee doodle stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni!!! The most toxic sludge ever and call it soylent green I suppose….wtf is wrong with people?! Love your videos at least I can have a good laugh with you guys. Do not change a thing!

    • Have you heard of Soylent Green. It’s an old movie that is just about what you’ve stated. See if you can find it. Very interesting.

  • My husband and I looked forward to your episodes on Charlie Ward so much I signed up for your newsletter. Boy I’m so happy we can now listen to all your episodes in their entirety

    Don’t change a thing guys, these 70 year old tin foilers love you!
    Cheryl and Perry
    NC mountains USA

  • John here from Texas. I just saw the bill that Gov. DeSantis from Florida signed about not allowing vaccine passports in Florida. Further down in the law on page 39 of the bill is the following:
    “If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual”
    So by any means necessary they can jab you! Well DeSantis just lost my support.
    You guys keep up the fucking great work!

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