Mahoney & Dawson discuss the recent G7 BBQ fiasco and how 'elite social distancing' appears to normal pleb kind, G7 extinction rebellion optics, Fauci could be on Furlough and Reiner Fuellmich brings some sense to the bio weaponry debate.


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  • J H Brewer is a great journalist but is also the queen of the Ja.b. she promotes it at every oppourtunity on the basis that her mother was/is a doctor or GP and she loves her holidays so we best all get it …..NOT.

    • We totally agree Paul. She’s lethal in that sense. We used a couple of clips of her reluctantly but she does have some great points. Lee puts that straight though after her video in this one 😉

  • Great info Guys. I am watching from Vietnam where they have brought in more restrictions again. Nearly everyone wears masks. I don’t but get stared at and occasional hassle. They claim rising cases so wonder what is going on here whether financial reset or something else. All my colleagues talk about getting a vaccine and it does not matter what I share with them it does not wake them up. We are due to leave soon and all Airlines want PCR tests yet non of them state that the cycles should be 25-28 like Mullis said. I have avoided tests so far but the shit will hit the fan soon with visas etc so I could find myself in Jail if I will not take a test. I can argue with the UK on arrival but got to get out first.

  • What would bring this to an end overnight would be an educated world population, free of any fear, stopping their compliance with this nonsense! And then how about most of the population going out with their torches and pitchforks hunting down the perpetrators of this deliberate scourge, rounding them up, and keeping them in their cages for the rest of their lives. THAT would end this ridiculous psyop! Oh, and by the way, don’t underestimate the intelligence of this “virus.” It knows not to attack people conducting “government business,” just as it knows not to attack people sitting down eating. It DOES, however, attack when people are getting up from their tables in restaurants going to the door to leave, just as it knows to attack people coming into a restaurant until they sit down. Amazing. By the way, the va$$ine will totally DESTROY one’s immune system (just as it was intended to do, in carrying out this diabolical depopulation plan). Ah yes…Karma. Here in the U.S. it has been interesting how arrogant people who have treated knowledgeable people with derision have proudly taken the poison and then died. It’s really not smart for the gullible, ignorant people to be so high and mighty, as they disparage those who really know what’s going on. Many of these have disparaged the knowledgeable, laughed at them and called them “anti-va$$ers,” then died after their second jab. That is Karma at its most accurate, isn’t it?

  • Great Work guys love your work especially the swearing and under the current circumstance we have even more reason to swear.


    IRISH WARRIOR – Living down under and pulling my hair out trying to wake people up especially my family back home in Ireland its destroying me. KEEP FIGHTING – FUCK THESE CUNTS

  • Love your videos. Great to have a bit of humour even under some of the blacker news items! Oh by the way, keep the swearing in as you are just expressing the way we all feel! Keep up the good work and remember you are making a difference. Thank you Cathy

  • If the non vaxxed are getting secondary transmissions from the “shot” from vaxxed people, then they in effect don’t need to shoot up many more people. For it is a fait acomplis.
    I do wonder if BJ is real. Couldn’t be another clone…? Were the red gals a staged event to illustrate these satanic creeps????

  • They put Monkey cells into the Jab its experimental transhuman agenda to make this into the planet of the apes

  • I cannot believe people are lining up to be euthanised!!!!What the hell is up with their minds???

  • send warnings to doctors surgeries telling them about the Nuremberg code they are violating and that they are facing the death penalty for knowingly murdering people with this vaccine

  • Love your show and the genuine delivery of the truth.
    Thought you would appreciate the new terminology here in the states for gender correct pronouns. Apparently, mothers are now birthing people.
    So this is for you Lee, the term now is “birthing people fornicators”. LMAO
    Keep up the good work.

  • I guess the herd is being culled, it’s hard to believe that people are stupid enough to take that poison, I would take a bullet before I would take that shit! Love your show guys, and really love the sexy muscles!! Always nice to see.

  • The tipping point of the exponential curve is 11%. If we are at 9% of the public we are very close before the collective consciousness booms in a mass awakened state!! Long time coming for me, loving the journey, burning brighter and stronger everyday with thanks to all in this community knowing i am not alone.

    • Nice mate, we didn’t know these figures. Thanks. Glad you’re enjoying the community. Keep safe.

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