Dawson & Mahoney discuss Trump, Biden, Harris & tactics for the up-coming events and how to help the good guys.


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  • Guys, great job on the show. Just a quick question, who sings the song, Looking for Freedom on this episode?
    Keep up the great work with all the information, here in Louisiana we have taken off the mask for the past 2 months and standing with each other in our communities.


  • Hi Guys great shows but I’m not getting notifications when new videos are released. Any help with this please. Know you’re busy. Who was this Nick guy, can’t find that video!!

  • EXCELLENT and true video! Thank you, truth warriors! I want to mention two sites that have tons of helpful information. (This is in the USA) Peggy Hall of The Healthy American has created groups in every county of every state that inform people where to go for NORMAL situations with doctors, dentists, vets, etc. without being asked to wear the face diaper, the va$$ine, distancing, etc. The other site is Pam Popper’s Make Americans Free Again. Pam is involved in successful lawsuits, suing governors who have broken the laws with their “mandates.” The basis of these lawsuits’ success is challenging there being an “emergency,” which there is not and never has been. Thankfully, that cannot be proven, since it is false. Please check out these two sites with their masses of helpful information. Also, Peggy and Pam do excellent and helpful videos.

  • Over here in Canada I’m afraid my community might be a lost cause, most people just following blindly like sheep and no one listens to the ones who speak out. I now have to pray for my family who have all gotten the first shot and i’m the only one of them who refuses to get it and they think i’m crazy when I tell them my reasons. I dread when businesses open back up my work is going to tell me I need the jab to work.

  • Hi Guys: I found my favorite show! From the Bronx now stuck in NYC surrounded by Libs. I have watched Democrats rule for years with no change to the general welfare of the people. Have an idea. I call it the “Open the Books” campaign. Since they steal like crazy let’s see where the money is going. This can be done in any city in any country. I believe that this would help to remove many of them and would help to open the eyes of a lot of people. Make it very public to show people how they are being screwed.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Fellas

    There are already local groups of like minded (awake) people in the UK (and internationally).
    They are called ‘A Stand In The Park’ – who meet regularly every week on Sundays in a Park near you.
    Website…astandinthepark.org…will get anyone in touch with their nearest group.

    My wife and I recently (two months ago) joined a local group in our area (Surrey).
    Meeting (and hugging!) like minded strangers on the same wave length has been very energising and a grounding against the general every day insanity.
    I’m sure any positive words from yourselves would help.

    Thanks for all the work you do gents.
    Never give up, never surrender (:


  • I tried to find letters for Canada but I don’t see any. Do you have some and where are they?


  • What about all the elderly people that were moved out of the hospitals back into the care homes to be finished off , that was the so called first wave . Watch David Icke talking about midazolam .

  • Hello! I have been in touch with a couple of friends in Liberia. I have planted the seed to hopefully the right people. So far as I know my friends are doing good there.

    Thank you! I just love watching you both!

    J W Q town USA

  • You guys are great and the language is even better, people need a smack of the truth, rock on gentlemen I fricken love it, and wouldn’t dare miss an episode…………..if you ever end up on South Beach Miami be a pleasure to join you for a pint.


  • Stand in the park is on Facebook and telegram. It’s a great way to connect in the UK and around the world with local groups which meet up on Sundays at 10 am in your local park. To find your local group go to telegram Stand in the park group to find your local group.

  • I share your truths with almost my whole town. I live in a small town in South Africa.
    Please keep up your good an amazing effort, time and patients
    We all love you lots!

  • Hi Guys

    Love what you are doing. I am in South Africa. You mentioned that you are looking for something to get like minded people in contact with each other.

    Found this you-tuber (also from SA) a while ago. They have been working on an App that does just that. Do not know if it might work for you guys or how they would feel in sharing it, but thought it might be worth while sharing the information.

    You can find him here – https://youtu.be/XXMJTlvrzf4

    Hope it is something you can look at.



    • Jesse Perez Cassanova of https://www.earthunited.global/ is doing excellent work on using common law.
      Reyno de Beer of https://www.libertyfighters.co.za/ took the government to court where the lockdown was declared illegal a year ago. The government and the people ignored it but Reyno has not and will not give up. He is now taking on the corrupt courts.
      Jarette Petzer is an absolute inspiration behind https://move1million.com/ which focuses on cleaning up the country and uniting people of all creeds and race.
      Willem Petzer of https://taxpayersunion.co.za/ is uniting all tax payers against a corrupt government and has found a way of legally unseating the national and local government structures.
      Michael Kellerman of https://michaeltellinger.com/ubuntu/ has the concept of One Small Town which is genius.
      There is also The Unity Group with a believable manifesto but no action and you can scroll past – even when the originator will jump at the publicity.
      All these people are South African and doing excellent work.
      Sadly, South Africa is a God-fearing, law-abiding country, where most of the citizens (from multiple degree-holders to the uneducated) lap up every word in the press – and we know the press agenda. They still need to discover that God is a God of Love, and that they have been victims of mass hypnosis for decades – from when the 50-year white dictatorship was in place until the now nearly 30-year black dictatorship took over. Religion is the downfall of South Africa, and spirituality is looked as “from the devil”

  • Dear Brother’s At Arms, I have Been A Truther My Entire Life Exposing The Lies Forced Down Our Throats Since I Was A Young Man….I Am Banned From Facistbook More Days A Year Than I Am Allowed To Post On It! I have Been Silenced By Many Media Platforms Yet Continue To Educate People Of This Struggle/War We Find Our World In…It’s The Fight Between Good And Evil. Free Will Is At Play People….It’s Really Up To Us All To Decide Which Side We Support.

  • I didn’t understand the message of Lee’s mum. Something went on in a shop? Was there word in a shop about the effects of the jabs?

  • Thank you for your work! I completely agree with your take on things, but there’s one little thing that makes me wonder. Biden’s bloopers are hilarious. If I were a comic actor, I’d create bloopers like that (and would have a hard time trying to keep a straight face).

  • In Belgium we can join parallel society groups that work via Telegram. The project is called Vrijland (‘Freeland’) and we can join by sending an email to [email protected]. We might look for LETS initiatives as well to join like minded groups.

  • Waiting for our fellow humans to awaken might take as long as waiting for some president or alien group to rescue us. Creating parallel or alternative society groups might be a good idea, along with fighting for justice in the mainstream society of course.
    Thrivemovement.com looks like a good place to start:

  • Hi! I love watching your show. In Episode 12 you asked for some information, I wanted to share what I know.

    There is an organization called the World Freedom Alliance which was started by people in Europe and has worldwide membership. Once someone joins (20 Euro membership fee) they will get an invitation to a worldwide and a local Telegram channel.

    Re: magnets sticking to the injection sites, Del Bigtree of The Highwire aired a clip in his show shortly after the magnetism info came out where 5/14 sites were magnetic. Magnetism was not brand-specific. They said they were going to do more investigation.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi there,
    You both are a welcomed change for those of us who are awake. Sometime ago, I couldn’t accept the lies and dishonesty from our media & turned the tv off. My husband and I have 3 daughters 1 of whom is medically fragile with complex care. It took us a long time to decide not to get the shots. We saw so many of our church family & friends race to get theirs. My sister & I begged our father not to get the shot. Thankfully he did not. One of our special needs’ daughter’s md (a neurologist) pressured her on getting the shot. I was with her, and she kindly declined it 4 times. He was shocked. I was surprised by his reaction. He is a brilliant neurologist and is retiring this month. I don’t know if he is unaware or not. But we are taking extra zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D. We are also improving our daily food intake & exercising. We’ve been to the beach on vacation, and people were wearing masks outside, in the pool, and in the ocean. Crazy?! But we refuse. Thank you for stepping out and working so hard to educate us. Y’all had me with the angry man in the van episodes first. Our family love the word remtards & use it often! Blessings from NC

  • Howdy, from Tennessee. I love watching you guys ! Thanks for lettings me/us know about Vgen nutrition… Y’all are amazing!!

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