Doctor Simone Gold, a lovely lady, takes you through the truth about the Covid 19 jabs.

If you do anything today, or whenever, take an hour out of your life to be completely enlightened. Dr Simone Gold (of America’s Frontline Doctors) reveals how the Health industry has turned on itself, the truth about the Covid Vaccines, how they came to be, and how they shouldn’t really ‘be’ at all considering there are other effective existing treatments.

A great video and maybe a good one for wakey wakey’s’ for your nearest & dearest? We’ll leave it up to you, but any doubt about mainstream disinformation could easily be laid to rest here.

Americas Frontline Doctors


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  • Yes, it’s not a vaccine, it’s EVEN MORE EVIL than the vaccines (as if they weren’t evil enough).

    • Many thanks to these brave doctors who are standing up for righteousness and truth, may they be gifted with wisdom and insight to expose this terrilbe lie which is being dished up to humanity.

  • Thank you, Dr. Gold for telling the truth about this experimental agent and the fact that governments are trying to poison all the front line workers first. There is an agenda behind these experimental jabs and it is not about your health more like the stealing of our rights and freedoms.
    Big hugs, David

  • OREGON’s Governor is crooked and a maker of the koolaid all are drinking. PLEASE STAND UP SO general population can stand up in support!!

    Need to know how to fight back especially in AMERICA…I have grandchildren I don’t want harm to come to and friends babies too!!!

  • A great listen i never had any intensions of having needle or wearing mask Australian goverment is no different

  • The vaccines are bio-weapons, against all of us. The big pharmas are all in on it. Put those ceo’s in jail for crimes against humanity, which should get them well-deserved executions.

  • This was helping to cover up what is going on. Doesn’t she know what Eugenics is? Why do you think they made sure the Jews/Israel was made first in leading making their whole country take it. They want them dead and the word of God stopped. She should have said this is their way of killing us off. Those they want dead first are the ones that are getting it first. I bet it is tailor-made to not kill certain others. Like leaders of the European nations. Rome is all for it and Germany, China, who else should be in the list? We all know Gates is behind it all. Why did she not denounce him? WHO why did she not call them out? Genocide worldwide wide the real pestilence of the BIble.

  • Too bad our so called “leaders” aren’t made to watch this.
    This message supports what I already have been thinking about this whole crisis.
    The whole thong is all about control, and taking away our freedoms and rights. The FEAR factor is for sure the main weapon.

  • Well at least America has this group, Americas Front Line Doctors …….But here in Australia, I am in Melbourne, no such group has emerged to my knowledge. What is wrong with Australians and standing up to this crap?? It saddens me greatly that we Australians are so apathetic or so concerned they could loose their jobs, they don’t care about their loss of integrity. And no numbers, regarding deaths and adverse reactions overseas, are being told by the media. We have been told of some, approximately four, adverse reactions such as blood clots from the Astra Zeneca jab. That is it. What The….???!!!!

  • Many thanks to these brave doctors who are standing up for righteousness and truth, may they be gifted with wisdom and insight to expose this terrilbe lie which is being dished up to humanity.

  • Racial justice? Or genocide? (I guess Planned Parenthood…Margaret Sanders…wasn’t as effective as they hoped.)

  • It’s up to all of us to stand up for our own lives and never rely on others, especially Doctors … common sense while looking for the truth is all it takes to all you sheep. Stop being followers and learn to use your brain that God gave you and unite with the rest of the truthers and fight back the jab and all it’s dogma … thanks DW pro

  • Please watch. The possible 5G connection.

    This is so sinister!! My GP told me that ivermectin and hydraqulraquin is not recommended and so would not even consider to prescribe it as a preventative for me, being vulnerable to the flu variant. He believes that the narrative his been told is true and won’t listen or be told otherwise.

    This has to come out!!

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