Vaccine Response Questions Baffling GP’s

The docs down under are losing the plot to these Vaccine Response Questions. Goes to show how tested and safe these jabs really are.

We’ve had a couple of our Aussie viewers writing in and saying how the Vaccine Response Questions are causing a bit of a stir in jab clinics down under. Out of the full 17 questions in the document, certified medical professionals cannot answer answer one of them… yet they will gladly promote the pumping of experimental toxins into you without obviously knowing a thing about them.

Kurt, a true warrior, sent us this brilliant message:

Hi David/ Lee
Living in Sydney Australia.
Heartfelt thanks for providing this letter concerning jab response.
Did send the letter you provided slightly modified (to suit my circumstances) to the surgery I used to go to after I received the jab notification through. The surgery is pushed by the puppet show in Australia.
Guess what – i never had a quicker response from anyone in the medical field advising me they can’t give any advise to my questions. Not a single question was answered!

Not much to add with the exception I responded back pointing out to them via an additional “Notice Liabity ” I attached requesting the ” Notice Liability ” (concerning WHS):
a. To be prominently displayed on the premises.
b. To be distributed to all staff and visiting health professionals to stay informed of their personnel liability and if ignoring, disregarding, setting aside the “Notice Liability” listing within the notice the penalty units the local New South Wales WHS (state laws) set out currently in place in this state within Australia I currently reside.
The “Notice Liability” states also the following words red underlined:
“Government and Health Department mandates, public orders, etc DO NOT provide immunity from prosecution under WHS laws.”
UK might have the same WHS in place to hit them with. Useful for age care facilities as well considering the genocide going on for some time now.
Just a thought if someone wants to check it out.
Let me know if somone wants to use it to hit them back.
Keep up the great work.
By the way belated birthday wishes to Lee.
Life begins at 50….;-) !
God bless both of you.

Kurt S.

So, if you get requested, do your due diligence, adapt/translate the document if need be, sign it & send it off and stick it to the man!

Thanks Kurt.

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  • Hi Dave/Lee.
    I too used your letter a few weeks ago when I was SUMMONED to get my vaccination.
    I printed the letter off signed it and hand delkivered it to my doctor in the morning.
    By 3.30pm the sme day I had a phone call from my doctor.
    We went through the letter and she could not anwer or commit to any of the questions.I asked her if she had had the vaccine her reply was yes….I knew she was lying.
    She quickly changed the subject and pushed me to call a free helpline to answer my questions.
    I rang the helpline and guess what…They referred me back to my doctor for the answers…Lol you couldnt make this shit up.
    Again thanks lads for your help.
    Regards Steve.

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