Chinese Officials Trying To Dodge Vaccines.

What does it tell us when officials desperately try to dodge the jab?

When officials (particularly officials off the CCP) are refusing the Covid 19 vaccines in droves, you kinda pick-up that there might be disparates between government insider information and the information we the public are receiving. Is that just my common sense at work? I mean kick me if I’m wrong, the very regime’s enforcing health passports and coerced vaccination on billions of humans are making dumb-ass excuses to not get it themselves. Alarm bells folks!

Perhaps their Eastern Commie culture prevents them from executing those suspect ‘live’ injection videos that we are subject to in the west. An absurd phenomenon created by politicians and celebrities to encourage jab take-up among the masses.

On that subject, what’s the new celebrity buzz word? Oh yes, ‘I’m shielding’. Shielding what exactly? None of these experimental gene therapies offer much in the way of immunity, so the only thing they could possibly be shielding is a massive lie. Be the celebs aware of this or not, the politicians certainly are! – Alarm Bells again.

Anyway, the facts are there for us all to see, the patriots of our all-new fascistic, discriminative societies (inspired by our jab dodging communist friends) are failing us, and complicit or not, they have become part of a great deception – collaborators all – and it’s Global.

Linked article courtesy of the Epoch Times.

Dave Techy.

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