Angry Man in a Sedan knows the governments and Pharma companies have legal indemnity surrounding these experimental jabs...

…So who takes the heat? The doctors and nurses thats who! As this situation develops, it’s beginning to look like the front-line workers (the ones giving the jabs) will take the rap for any damage incurred by these experimental jabs. Well obviously, anyone else in the line of fire has taken a legal swerve. So, the people making the stuff and the people pushing it will retire nicely with all the deliciously nepotistic backhanders they’ve managed to procure for themselves. The front line workers, as is normal, take all the shit. Shit this time coming in the shape of ‘Nuremberg crimes against humanity’ style proceedings.

Do They Deserve This?

Some, who are absolutely conscious of what they are pumping into fellow humans will undoubtedly deserve what’s coming to them… but many others are just part of a well-oiled institution that wholeheartedly believe in all the media nonsense surrounding the covid vaccine fraud, and may have stupidly injected themselves in the process. In which case, many might not survive long enough to get to trial!

Is This The tipping Point?

Will this inspire more medical workers to come forward? We will have to wait and see, but there must be a tipping point where these now culpable individuals realise that the Covid narrative is utterly taking the piss, and nobody has their back on this one. Doctors and Nurses, and those infuriating jib jab volunteers… It’s time to talk!


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  • Shame on any doctor and nurse who doesn’t know what’s in the vax. Ignorance is no defence…they should know!!

  • Most front line workers have already been jabbed up and therefore will and have shown, as a whole, that they wlll go along. with the narrative.

    Let’s see if or when LOVE for humanity will be a greater prior rather than the current narrative.

    • I work in a nursing home in Ireland ,about ,8, out of a possibly sixty person work force didn’t take it even after trying to be coersed,Im a cleaner ,but do read and look at stuff before I make a decision ,I wa never going to take it from day one ,I said it hoax from start ,but I was considered a tin foil hat and am still am ,trying to wake people up is a blooming nightmare ,even after I said what was going to happen did ,some after waking up to it but unfortunately they have along the jab ,I wil never take it ,motto is trust in God not in man ,

  • I have a slogan for you

    “loose the mask
    win the war”

    -of slavery, lies, deceit, deception, theft, corruption…

  • Lee, i honestly don’t know how our Government’s could possibly get away with passing the blame of vaccination deaths and side effects, purely onto the Doctors and Nurses. Yes! they are part to blame, they should be thoroughly up to speed with anything they are administering. But! our Governments are pushing this treatment, anyway and every way they can, health passports are just an example.
    So! they are allowing these experimental Jabs to be pushed, they are making threats if you don’t take them by taking away your citizen rights, and at the end of the day, it is their responsibility to take care of their citizens. The blame begins and ends with them. Steve Metcalfe, Retired and living in Catalunya Spain.

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