An absolute must watch. Courtenay Adam Lawrence on the Covid scam.

Watch this guy! In between being harassed by Police, Courtenay Adam Lawrence is busy exposing the great Covid Swindle, and he’s hard to argue with – hence the hassle from plod.


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  • Great report. After what happened in Lombardia ( Bergamo near Milan) I’m trying to share research for almost 11 months now; unfortunately, I can’t publish any more on youtube or FB because videos of this kind are taken down. I’m already been banned quite a few times, so I use telegram chats and canals. Here in Italy from the beginning of this fake pandemic, telegram became popular among those who are spreading the truth. Pls, let me know if there’s a link I can copy? Thanks. WWG1WGA

  • Hey Guys, this is fantastic news! Finally we are seeing people fighting back with power and common sense.

    Well said Courtenay Adam Lawrence. And Digital Warrior Productions

    Andy Lovell Uk :0)

  • I’ve been posting your links on my Facebook page. I honestly don’t know how long Zukerburg’s cronies will let them stay up. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing my best to get your information out into the world. I’m in Florida, USA. Thanks for all of your hard work at getting the truth out. I would really love to see the sheep wake up!

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