Compulsory Jabs For Czech Kids… Is that all?

There seems to be a fair bit of tug & release by governments regarding the Vaccine Passports. It all just adds to the inherent confusion.

However, in Europe it’s starting to look like all departments are honking on the same horn. As certain countries like Italy and France introduce mandates on some vaccines for children, the ECHR ruled yesterday against an appeal case from several Czech families. The families, whose children had been barred from school due to not being fully vaccinated (measles, mumps, rubella etc), argue that compulsory vaccines go against their right to respect for private life.

Not only did 16 of the 17 judges rule against the case, they also concluded; “the measures (regarding compulsory vaccines) could be regarded as being necessary in a democratic society

Did someone mention democracy?

When administrations everywhere are brandishing people who demand medical freedom of choice as ‘problematic anti-vaxers, spreading conspiracy theories’, what better way to attempt to trash any form of said ‘freedom of choice’ than by setting out a controversial case and conclusion just like this? Even though, we might add, that any form of coercion or forced medical intervention goes against our basic inalienable rights, oh and that little historical thingy that no one in administration seems to remember anymore, The Nuremberg Code. 

(Who cares about that anyway? It was just reaction to a bunch of silly Nazi’s flexing a bit of genocide and using innocent humans to experiment on. Nothing to see there, just a bit of Zyklon B and your friendly GP Josef Mengele, move along)!

So, now that compulsory vaccines don’t necessarily contravene human rights law, it’s a bloody good job the Covid jabs aren’t vaccines! Experimental gene therapy interventions would be closer to an accurate description, and we’re guessing that the next big battle could possibly be… How do you legally (not inter-corporately nor via MMS or Wikipedia) define the Covid 19 jabs?

A hundred thousand censored virologists, immunologists and doctors worldwide might have something to say about that. There’s a lot of fight left in humanity yet!

Dave Techy

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  • I thought that there was a court ruling in America where it was said that in the last 32 years no vaccine had ever been proven safe, no vaccine ever proven effective and no two vaccines had ever been tested together for efficacy, oh and the CDC had to remove the claim that a certain vaccine/vaccines didn’t cause autism. So that being the case if they don’t do what they say and they are not proven safe then how can a person be made to take it?

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