…And Here We Go

It's no surprise really, fear being the chosen weapon of the elite - we now face an ecological crisis - and it's all your fault!

So it’s finally here. The IPCC’s (funded by the UN/WEF – same thing really) damning report on human kind and how we are personally killing the planet’s biosphere with our disgraceful, wasteful behaviour. It sounds pretty desperate, like ‘we’d better lock everyone down until the next ice age’ kinda desperate.


What’s interesting is the hypocrisy in all this alarmist fear porn. Alok Sharma (Climate Minister UK), in order to get his vision of the supposed ensuing disaster, visited 30 countries since February. He didn’t do it on a pedalo as you can imagine, so, is he dripping in carbon guilt? Of course not! He just lobbies for us to stop our annual pleasure jaunts to Benidorm and sack our diesels so we can all cram into buses where we could supposedly mass-communicate the notorious WuFlu onto the elderly. On that subject, Alok didn’t have to isolate on his return trips to the UK! Indeed that would be preposterous after all the tax payer funded first class travel, the poor man!

Our Just Rewards?

‘Flight shaming’ Greta Thunberg will herself jump on a jet at the drop of a Davos invite, where she rubs shoulders with the carbon Bigfoots of the planet, the billionaires. The very same billionaires who want us to stop travelling, stop meeting, stop eating (meat), stop breathing and stop our freedom of choice in every way. Those same system cheating autocrats that made billions by virtue of Carbon Credits so they can leisurely pepper the skies with aviation exhaust, coat the world in industrial plastics, pump the land (and humans) full of chemicals and more recently blast rocket propellant back down at us (Pretty much akin to flipping a huge carbon middle finger back down to terrestrial plebkind for all its faithful consumerism and investment in their plutocratic misadventures).

It’s not hard to imagine Besos floating around in a phallic tin can looking back at Earth and deviously counting the countries where he’s managed to skilfully swerve income tax.

Not a scary Image at all, but a fave among various press outlets.

The whole climate fear-porn factor is run, and paid for by these absolute psychopaths. Do we need to look after our planet home? Yes we do! Do we need to stop the incessant poisoning? Yes we do. Can we do this successfully? Erm… well yes we can as long as the true toxins – the alarmist, planet thrashing elite – are removed from the whole eco-equation.

So for now, show a hand to all the bullshit… and shop locally.

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