Biden Lied. Here’s The Proof

During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden promised to forgive student debt of up to $10,000 per student if he was made president.

Now he’s not.

In an interview with The New York Times on 21 May, Biden also well stated: “The idea that you go to Penn [University of Pennsylvania] and you’re paying a total of 70,000 bucks a year and the public should pay for that? I don’t agree.”

Well, there you have it, folks! 

More than 42 million Americans (roughly one in six adults) have student debt and owe an average of $30,000. 

Pip Fuchs


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  • I love your show! The f bombs are sometimes needed. Y’all are straight shooters and entertaining. Much needed!

  • When that illegitimate peado fraudulent poor excuse of a president is removed Trump can be restored as the rightful president.its coming Arizona Georgia Pennsylvania New these swing states re-certify there election results….Hold the Line

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