What A Coincidence!

On 22 July 2021, it was reported that Madagascar president Andry Rajoelina was the target of an assassination attempt that was foiled by the police. 

Back in March, Rajoelina said he would not be vaccinated and was not in a hurry to roll out the jab to the public either. Instead, he was in favour of a herbal infusion based on a plant, Artemisia annua, long used in the treatment of malaria. He advocated for choice when it came to vaccines – and not making them compulsory. 

Madagascar isn’t the only nation not to not play along with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and their vaccine push. Tanzania, Burundi and Eritrea made it clear that they didn’t want to participate. And Haiti’s vax roll out has been, let’s say, a little slow. They only received their (free) vaccines – courtesy of COVAX and via the US government – on 13 July. While UNICEF has “kindly” been working around the clock to enhance transportation, increase mass communication and strengthen the cold chain across Haiti, installing more than 900 solar fridges to keep the vaccines at the right temperature. 

The presidents of Tanzania, Burundi and Haiti are now six feet under. 

Well, I’ll be McAfeed! What a coincidence. 

Let’s hope the President of Eritrea has good bodyguards. 

Those three presidents and their “official” causes of death are: 

President John Magufuli (Tanzania) 

Died 17 March 2021, aged 61. Heart attack or Covid.

President Pierre Nkurunziza (Burundi)

Died 8 June 2021, aged 55. Heart attack.

President Jovenel Möise (Haiti)

Died 7 July 2021, aged 53. Assassinated. 

Incidentally, President Magufuli of Tanzania was the guy who tested a goat, sheep and pawpaw fruit with a Chinese COVID-19 testing kit. 

They all came back positive.

Pip Fuchs

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