Asks the Experts

Independent doctors and virologists respond to the ridiculous reporting carried out in last weeks Panorama program on the BBC.

The BBC broadcasted a shameful Panorama episode last week in an attempt to destroy the reputation of hundreds of independent health experts. The program aired with the testimony of a main expert, Professor Liam Smeeth who openly and unbelievably told mistruths about the mRNA vaccines, the animal trials thereof and many other aspects. There was no open debate, The experts under question were not invited onto the program to air their concerns, they were simply labelled as anti vaxer conspiracy theorists. Bonkers in other words. If you look at the credentials and previous achievements of many of the experts, this accusation is of course completely ridiculous.

It’s obvious in this rebuttal of the Panorama debunking attempt that these independent scientists are simply ‘Pro Health’ and ‘Anti Fear’.

This is a great example of Main Stream Media reporting at its worst in a desperate attempt to shield the public from truth, and further propagandise this enormous human experiment.

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