Angry Man is in a philosophical mood today, but lets loose on the cops anyway. Well, it is his job!

And he’s correct, please be patient about our emails and newsletters, our IP has been blocked by all the main mail servers (probably due to our not so controversial content). So hang in there, there’s only 3 of us and Angry Man can just about find the right end of his phone. However, luckily for us, he does know how to record videos… and as usual this one is a belter.


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  • Right on to our brothers in the Third World War. I’m lucky to live in the free state of Texas. The Covid scam is over here. No masks no forced jabs. Yes, they are still trying to get people to take the jab but its being ignored. Many sheep here took it when it came out fortunately they are the dumb ones most of them will be gone in a year. Love the program, highlight of my day when a new video is out. Keep up the great work , the patriots here have your back!

  • Morning Gents.
    Pissing Rain here in Dublin.
    Just to want say , congrats.
    You are knocking it out of the Park …… the info and context is excellent.
    Divine Blessings to all you three.
    Yes Vickers aswell.
    Love Brothers.

  • Being censored for telling the truth is like a medal of honour. Every time i comment on some stupid politician FB post, something funny is happening with my account. Big deal!

    Turning off your phone at night is a good and healthy practice. Since I started doing this i feel less stressed and I sleep better.

    Live Love Laugh

    Best wishes from London 🙂

  • Good morning my Spaniard warriors! Loving the angry man in the Sedan. He’s got one thing right we are coming for these motherfuckers!!!! Never apologize for your up in your face actual facts that’s what I love about you guys. I’m holding the line over here in Buffalo Missouri headed to Mount Rushmore on the Fourth of July big doings going on there and We the people are taking our Country back . Keep up the good work and never stop cussing!!!! Keep up the good work and never stop cussing It’s a way of getting peoples attention!!!! Love red robin

  • For you Lee and Dave, tune in to this young Lady Leigh Dundas who’s from Orange county America. She’s a Human Rights Lawyer speaking out against everything that’s happening. She’s all Girl power, and a remarkable Girl at that.
    Love what your doing, been with you from the very beginning, together with Charlie.
    God bless you all.

  • Hey Guys,

    I wanted toThank You for doing the work you are. I’ve shared your content and its helping to get people to wake a bit by seeing that what is happening is not just in the USA and in many cases things are worse in other countries with this NWO BS attempt.

    My 84 yr old mother says your content is good if a bit coarse and dad wants to fly to Spain and share a few beers!

    We have managed to save some in their community from getting the jab. It’s always good when mom sends me a new phone number to share info to spread the truth.

    From our corner of Rural America, thank you!

  • You are a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you . All my family and friends are taking jabs in spite of all my efforts to stop them . I don’t understand how they can’t see through all this because to me it is so obvious but they will and can’t see the truth. My friends who like me will not be pressured to put their filth into their body are finding that the pressure put upon them to ,destroy themselves, gets greater by the day .
    We are all being black mailed to take it or else; you have no life. The Dracos must be in control!
    I am 77 and I would rather dye than take this s…. Thank you both very much for what you are doing I love the energy of your program, it gives me hope for others in the world even if my family won’t listen to me.

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