As you know we've had trouble with the van, but he's back...

…And this time in a sedan (we’ll let you work out the new slogan for yourselves) although we are still waiting for him to get a jeep so he can finally become Livid Geordie in a Four by Fourdie.

Angry man returns with a ton of built-up baggage on COVID shots, governments and the ‘plandemic blind’ who continue to drag us towards the edge of infinity. All this nicely blended in with a touch of road-rage… oh yes we’ve missed you Angry Man.


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  • Hi Lee,
    So, is this new document different to the ‘Declaration against mask use’ already available in your documents section?
    Please make it available in English if possible as speaking from experience, these don’t usually translate too well.
    Also, to produce in PDF makes it impossible to rewrite over the document. It doesn’t look as convincing if you have to hand write your own personal details.
    And finally, if you could also include the name of the solicitors involved, that would also add strength and validity to further enforce the document.
    Sorry mate, I know it’s what you call ‘spoon feeding’, but if you really want to help then these extras are required.
    Love the new format. Are we going to see you guys every day? I hope so.

  • I love Angry Man!! Bring on the cussing! Your speaking what we are all thinking! Love what you guys are doing. Thanks for the truth!
    Fuck Biden!
    Fuck the New World Order!
    Fuck these masks & shots!

  • New subscribers Patricia from Georgia. You two give great information Your both very handsome and hilarious. How old are you two. I’m 47 and our generation always think alike. So come on give it to me straight.

  • You’ve gotta love the ANGRY MAN, even when he’s not in a van!
    I know the rants are on serious issues … and rightly so, but sometimes I can’t help but smile.
    And … your rants wouldn’t be the same without the cussing 🙂

  • Love you guys Lee! You could call your rants “Spar in the Car”! And your cussing is hilarious and right on-point!

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