Angry man mixes up a bit of road rage with facts about the New World Culture and how the elite are getting away with murder.


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  • Hello guys! Im Jill from Wisconsin,. USA. I love your show, Started seeing you with Dr. Charlie. Then I saw the “crab in the van ” and was so entertained! Keep up the language and the great clips informing us about all the creepy things the deep state has in store for us! God wins!
    Pray for the vaxers…….. Jill Peavey. ❤️❤️

  • I’m the only one at University in Australia without a muzzle, I might see one other person in the supermarket without a muzzle. Muzzled muppets, hey if you’re so stupid to beLIEve this BS narrative, without question and you take the conjab because you want to be free, you want to travel, then your part of the problem, your a useless feeder, get the faark outta the way, we have an empire to take down.

  • You guys are the perfect one, two punch. Dawson reeled me in with the “Angry Man” rants and Mahoney keeps me watching with the pithy comments and non “PC” imitations! They say the truth hurts but not from you…thanks for bringing levity to this BS clown world we’re in. Cheers to you and those of us navigating towards a brave new one. By the way, what’s IN those cups you’re drinking from??!!

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