Angry Man in the Van is back, but this time static in his salon. HIs lack of vehicular presence has no effect on his irate round-up of world events.


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  • You ask what “you going to tell your grandkids after getting the JAB” Whose to say they will even have grandkids after these F-bom JABS

    • KGB Bezemov stated that people would remain blind tothe danger they face, even in front of them

  • I absolutely LOVE both of you!!!! Never miss a show and Dawson, I so feel you on the F Bombs. In almost every instance, there just isn’t an appropriate alternative! Keep preaching dudes!

  • Hey, I am wondering if those who are telling us to just wait are in on it. Are they trying to delay our response until its too late. Do you think that they are complicit? Is this nesara, gesara stuff moving us to a cashless system?

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