Angry Man is fuming about how the short-term minded masked muppets are turning a blind eye on tyranny... for an easy life.


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  • FDA approval for the Pfizer jab IS a lie. What WAS approved was a different vaccine called Comirnaty. At present, it does not exist, and is not being manufactured. The covid poison jab has NOT been approvedby FDA.

  • I agree bro, it’s the order followers that make this whole satanic plan work. Stupid moron’s here in OZ are walking alone in nature with muzzles on, they garden alone with a muzzle on, drive alone with muzzles on, they comply like stupid little children in fear of the boogie man, worshipping the pedo’s and their goons instead of coming together and beating the shit out of these parasites.

  • I live in Illinois, but not Chicago, thank God. I love watching you! I thought you might be interested in what is coming down in IL. Now we are back to mask mandate indoors. I’m also not allowed inside to see my grandchildren because I have not been vaccinated. I can see them outside, but my daughter-in-law will not allow me in their home. She is a respiratory therapist and seems to think the jab is good for everyone, to include my 13 and 16 year old grandchildren. I’m praying to God that they got a placebo.

    • Oh my goodness! what a nightmare, we’re hearing so much of this stuff going on. We’re thinking about you here. There’s so many jabbed here it’s impossible to keep up with it. We hope people start waking up soon Julie. Keep Strong.

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