Daily Fail Under Reporting.

But at least they are reporting.

We’ve highlighted the adverse reactions of these jabs numerous times, but it’s beginning to look like even the deceitful central snake pit of the MMS can’t ignore the number of casualties flooding to A+E after 30 odd million jabs administered. Okay, the reporting is based around mild reactions, but since when have we been able to believe anything the daily rags spewed out? The footie results?

So, it’s more-or-less a foregone conclusion that the gravity of the short-term reactions to these experimental jabs has been wildly underestimated by the Pharma companies, who were probably more focused on the damaging long term effects and the dishing out of health passports.

So, let’s hope the stitching is slowly coming apart on this certifiable rush to market of these untested gene therapies.

The question is, will this wake anyone up? Probably not. Most of the not very discerning population seem willing to risk the integrity of their entire immune system for a week in Benidorm, some just for a pint down the pub! We will have to keep up the fight, risk ridicule and continue to try to alert loved ones and friends.

The only way to slow down this insane vaccine passport roll-out will be in numbers of jab refusals. And, as we all know, it has to stop.

Dave Techy


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  • OMG you two! You are a delight to listen to. I can only say it’s a world of Remtards we are living in. I work for the big JHM as a nurse and I’m appalled at my peers and so called intelligent MD’s and RNs that are running to get this death shot, the pressure is on for the rest of us to do the same – it would be hog tie and pure force to get me to do it and I’m just not. So Thank you for all you are doing, keep up the faith and my order of supplements were here in Florida within a week loving them. Again thank you

    • Thanks Patriot, glad you’re enjoying the show. Lots more to come BTW. Keep checking in and that’s great about the supplements. We all use them, Dr Sonia is great. Yep keep away from the jab jab… common sense prevails. Hope the Beach is looking good in Florida 🙂

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