A warning of what’s to come… possibly.

A very brave lady from Israel warns us about the end game of those pushing in the NWO.

Yes this post is quite scary, but we think it is important to see. Israel is the World leader in the experimental jab roll-out (particularly Pfizer). They have already introduced health passports, which lets face it, has always been the end game for the World’s elite. This woman has put her own safety in jeopardy to get a hugely important message out to humanity: Do not comply!

Apathy of thought & conforming to the twisted pseudo-scientific propaganda that’s being rammed down our throats daily is a lethal combination. The small population of Israel and the high number of vaccinated is a perfect model for a vision to the future for all of us, and shows how easily a confrontational two-tier society can be put into operation. Please share this far and wide Warriors, don’t let it be wasted.

This ends when we say no!


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  • The Nation of Israel was funded by the Rothschild family at the turn of the 20th Century. The government, the ADL and Mossad are totally in league with the Central Bankers and are supporters of establishing the NWO.

  • This makes me weep I am living in Nazi Germany and my fellow man does nothing I see nothing but cowards who would give up everything even there children it makes me sick

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